Stirling Council Fishing (Rivers Forth & Teith)

Stirling Council is no longer issuing corporate tickets - these beats are not available to PDAA in 2022

Safety & General Advice

Stirling Council requries all anglers to observe the following code of conduct.


  • Fish upstream of other fishing anglers.
  • Wait your turn to fish a pool from its head.
  • Remove your old line and litter from the bank and dispose of sensibly.
  • Stay about 15m from the next angler or 30m when they or you are using a fly.
  • Respect the property, access and privacy of those who live or work on or near the fishery. Please park your car considerately and don’t block access.
  • Beware of other users of the river or bank.
  • Return ripe or darkly coloured fish to the water. If in doubt, RETURN it!
  • Help to conserve spring salmon stocks (Feb, Mar & Apr) by returning, unharmed fish more than 30” in length and use barbless hooks.

Anglers must:

  • Produce a permit to an authorised bailiff on demand. (Any abuse of bailiffs will result in immediate permit withdrawal.)
  • Record all catches (including nil returns) as soon as practicable after fishing.
  • Fish according to the law. It is illegal to sell, or offer for sale, any rod-caught salmon.
  • Obey any temporary closure notices due to low water conditions as determined by the marker on the Motorway Bridge and the condition of fish within the river. Details will be given in advance on the information boards and in tackle shops.
  • Return all hen fish caught in October.

Anglers must not:

  • Set lines or have any form of rod rest. Rod must be in hand at all times.
  • Bait fish before 1st June and after 26th August.
  • Use prawn, shrimp or any organic baits at anytime.
  • Dig for bait at or adjacent to the fishery.
  • Make use of natural minnow, tailers or knotted nets or gaffs at any time.
  • Use lead core or fast sinking line, multi-treble hooked lures or more than one baited hook. All fish hooked behind the gill line to be returned to the water immediately.
  • Fish at one point when others are waiting – EXCEPT on the 6 Piers at Cornton Vale where there is a time limit of 15 MINUTES. Move 1 metre downstream between casts. On marker post sections anglers MUST start at the upstream post when the fishery is busy.
  • Night fish, between sunset and sunrise, in Norman’s Pool, Callander.
  • Night fish after 31st August on the whole fishery. Fishing after sunset before 31st August is restricted to rods less than 12 feet, overall; lines of less than 8lbs breaking strain and a hook smaller than No 6. Closure times on the Forth Fishery from 1st September will be displayed on the fishery information boards.
  • Cut the line and return any fish to the water with the hook still in it.

BAILIFFS WILL WITHDRAW PERMITS, IF NECESSARY, WHEN RULES ARE NOT OBSERVED. This means that if one PDAA member is caught breaking the rules, the association's permit for ALL members may be withdrawn.


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