As everyone knows the brown trout season is due to open on March 15th, but in a message from Tay Liason Committee, (TLC) all beat owners may not allow this, due to coronavirus lockdown and travel restrictions. Below is a copy of the latest message from TLC.

“To bring you up to date there are some Riparian Owners who are not opening the beats for Trout Permits until 1st of April. This applies to some on Loch Tay,Glen Lochay and Glen Lyon. Where I have been informed and asked to do so, there is a note on the TLC Web Site. Most of the Owners have put a note on their own websites, or say they are doing so. I am aware there is two weeks to go, but I am just letting you all know some Riparian Owners are not happy to open fishing, with the major difficulties of last year not wanting to be repeated. It is of course the Owners who decided what to do. I am involved with Stirling Council with the proposed plan being discussed to have some combined process if required ready to be implemented. East Loch Tay and the Rannoch Area also have meetings to gather ideas and in all cases the Police are attending.

Stay Safe