Our History

Perth and District Anglers Association (PDAA) was formed in May 1951 for the improvement and protection of Fishing in the Perthshire area.

When PDAA first started, the club was actively involved in fighting pollution from the Tay Stanley Mills. The mills were producing cotton goods at the time, and daily waste from the dyeing processes was being discharged into the river.

stanley mills

Our involvement in helping to clean up the river resulted in the establishment of many beneficial relationships with riparian owners such as the Earl of Mansfield, Mr Callum Towns, Messrs F & A Dunnet, Mr J Apthorp and Mr P D Malloch. Many of these men became committee members and benefactors of the club.

Since then the Association evolved through a huge membership of over 500 members to the current levels of around 160, where it has been for some years. The Association offers members excellent fishing and is always looking to offer better fishing and a better experience to our members.

A timeline from 1951 has been compiled and can be seen here:

PDAA History

The following information has been taken from old minute books and memories of PDAA. It shows the background to the Association and has been compiled by Ted Eadie our current President.

1951 15th May - PDAA first meeting held

1st chairman and president: Col W.Lornie. Initially, membership was restricted to 180 (3.5.52).

1951 June. Letter sent to Lord Mansfield, amongst other owners, together with a copy of the Constitution and Rules, asking if fishing concessions could be granted..

1951 August. Permission was given to fish the 'Freelands', beat on the River Earn. Also, permission is given to fish the Ballathie stretch of the River Tay on weekdays only.

1952 Feb ‘In view of the pollution of rivers (local), applied for affiliation to the ’Anglers Co-operative Association’, (ACA), as the object of this association was to protect anglers and owners of fisheries against the invasion of their legal rights and to assist the protection of pollution of rivers, lakes and other fresh water in Gt.Britain. Fee £4 per year.

The committee was unsure of the boundaries appertaining to the concession granted by the Earl of Mansfield, from Waulkmill Ferry to below Scone (Rome Croy).

1952 June. The approach was made with P.D.Malloch with a view to obtaining a lease of Stormontfield water on the River Tay, but nothing available for 1952, but suggested for 1953.

1953 first mention of an agreement with P.D.Malloch to rent fishing.  Bertha Ponds, being used for stocking trout.

1954 Netted local burn for brown trout to act as broodstock. Complaint from members that salmon is selling in the shops for 10/-, but anglers only getting 4/6d.

1954 Secretary wrote to Stanley Mills regards the amount of waste coming down the river.

1954 October - Yearling trout bought for £39 per thousand. Auchterarder 7 Crieff angling clubs - agreement.

1955 July - Ordered 2000 fingerling trout from Stanley hatcheries, at a cost of £25 for stocking, but all died!

1957 members subscriptions raised to £1. OAP to 5/- and under 16 to 5/-.

1958 Commander Donaler visited Stanley Mills to interview the manager regards pollution going into the Tay. An amiable result was achieved.

P.D.Malloch - Rome Croy. Prize draw arranged at the AGM.

1958 - Balbeggie Reservoir, 30 trout caught in a trap from burn leading into the reservoir, used for broodstock. Some fishing mentioned :- Kinloch Hotel (Marley Loch), Carsbreck Loch, Skeoch Loch, Rockmill Loch, Blair Athol estates, Bertha Park Loch.

1959 Members subscriptions raised to £10.

1959 1st June, first mention of goosanders.

1959 26th October - Depletion of Sea Trout, a letter sent to TDSFB.

1959 26th October - first mention of catch returns.

1960 13th January - Perth Town Council _ season permits to Perth Town Water, PDAA members can apply.

1960 March - Association secretary cannot vote at meetings because he receives an honorarium.

Brown trout research laboratory.

1960 August. Logierait bought January 1961.

1960 December - River Earn season starts a fortnight later and closes a fortnight earlier, this from the River Earn Improvement Association.

1961 August - Logierait rates £10. Stiles at Logierait. PDAA leases other side of Logierait, so both sides can be fished every day. (£50)

1962 Dundee Road, right of way?

1963 Tattie Pier, who owns the fishing, farmer or TDSFB or?

1963 2nd May - Redgorton Fishing, - rent - £50.

1963 2nd May - Logierait, paid a further sum.

1963 June 6th - PDAA now members of Salmon & Trout Association.

1963 - Balbeggie Reservoir - (1961 put in 2000 fingerling brown trout, now reservoir netted and mature brown trout transferred to River Tay, at Waulkmill.(was it worth it ?).

River Earn - Freeland (Mr.J.Ness).

1963 November - Diesel pollution from Friarton railway sheds.

Hilton R.Earn - rent too low Mr.Johnson.

Tanks at Rossylin House ?

1964 January - Kirkton of Mailer - new lease 10 years - £40.  Hilton £30.

1964 March 5th - Netted Balbeggie reservoir - trap in the burn at Balbeggie.

1964 March Logierait - final payment - £250.

1964 April 16th - Jimmy Steele Trophy donated.

1964 - 3-month-old fry, offered at £24 per 5000.

1964 - Sites for hatchery - (Craigie Mill & Cleeve).

1964 Nov - Secretary receives title deeds for Logierait, Nat. Comm Bank, York Place, Perth.

1964 Nov - River Earn - Freelands - Forgandenny Bridge £20 per year.

1965 Jan 28th - Redgorton rent up to £75.

1965 March 4th - Pond at Grange of Elcho.

1965 June 3rd - decided to stop using Rosslyn House tanks.

1965 June 3rd - Hunter Report brown trout.

1965 October 21st - Secretary honorarium raised to £60.

1965 November 1965 - PDAA applied to lease the right bank (Balnaguard).

1965 4th Nov - Dr.Hay first mentioned. (Dr Hay was president PDAA and is grandfather to Upper Redgorton ghillie Mike Hay).

1965 November - Increase in rents - River Earn, Hilton £30 to £40, Kirton of Mailer £40 to £50.

1965 December 9th - Lease of Grange of Elcho water (TDSFB), Bells Point to Perth Town Water, below Tattie Pier.

1965 28th January - River Earn season changed to 1st February to 31st October.

1966 28th January - Hunter's Report, brown trout fishing controlled.

1966 March 23rd - Rod caught salmon and sea trout can only be sold by licensed game dealers.

1966 July 16th - Ochertyre Loch, Loch of the Lowes.

1966 8th September - ruling - A member who has 5 years membership and becomes a pensioner is to be made a life member.

1966 October 13th - Logierait left bank car park leased from Miss Honeman (Wester).

1966 December 22nd - Tattie Pier (River Tay), leased from TDSFB,10 permits per day (free).

1967 January 12th - Other loch's mentioned - Dunsinanr, Bandirran, Old dam at St.Martin's, and a loch on the hill of Glenricht estate.

1967 February 23rd - Lochlane fishing on River Earn.

1967 March 2nd - Loch at Balthayock.

1967 March 2nd - P.D.Malloch suggestion, rent better water and have 2 classes of permits.

1967 July 13th - River Almond, P.McNaughton, Cairnies Farm. A.P.Wright, Wester Campsie Farm.

1967 July 13th - Loch Rae, adjacent to Loch Maree, 10-year lease at £25 per year.

1967 July 13th - Net for Balbeggie Reservoir, stored in Ice Rink. Various other tools stored in Art Gallery.

1968 Feb. Ballathie brown trout fishing, rent £50 per year.

1968 November AGM, suggested a two-tier system for salmon and trout members.

1969 Jan 6th. membership subs increased to £3.

1969 May 27th. Purchased a tree pruning saw.

1969  Dec 23rd Glendelvine trout fishing.

1969 Dec 23rd. Sale of River Earn permits.

1969 Dec 23rd. Consider charging for Rome Croy permits.

1969 Feb 19th. River Earn permits. £2 per week- 31st July - end of season - £4 per week.

1969 Membership - 474. Bank clearing committee.

1970 Oct 27th - Permit numbers for season - Rome Croy 508, Waulkmill 248, Kercock 144, Grange of Elcho 29.

1970 Oct 27th  - Blackwater Reservoir.

1970 Dec 17th - Ballathie - the new owner - Earl of Perth.

1971 June 9th - Perth Town Water, Friarton Hole, Moncrieffe Island fly only.

1971 June 9th - Loch Horn.

1971 July 14th - Rates at Logierait increased from £20 to £75.

1971 Nov 23rd - Hilton & Kirkton R.Earn, no Sunday fishing for grayling.

1971 Nov 23rd - Kercock trout fishing, £50 per season for access.

1971 Nov 23rd - Honorarium, Sec £69, Treasurer £40.

1972 Jan 18th - PKC agrees to OAP's fishing Perth Town Water free.

1972 March 28th - PDAA fishing classes in Perth High School. (37 attended).

1972 March 28th - Waulkmill summer lease £175. 1st May to 29th July.

1972 May 22nd - Hilton weeds - flamethrower discussed hiring (no use).

1972 September 14th - Balbeggie Reservoir, no longer in use.

1972 Nov 14th - PKC asked PDAA about not permitting boat fishing.

1972 Dec 20th - Hilton weeds cleared by Boy Scouts.

1972 Dec 20th - Tools - storing inquiry Parks Super.

1973 Feb 15th - PKC education authority provided 6 rods and reels.

1973 March 29th - First mention of insurance cover for accidents.

1973 March 29th - First mention other party - rent increase.

1973 March 29th - All tools collected from Parks Super.

1973 March 29th - Glamis hatchery.

1973 September 27th - Insurance £25 per year.

1973 November 6th - River Earn - Mr.Drummond, Broomhill Farm, Forteviot.

1974 April 2nd - Loch Freuchie leased.

1974 May 9th - Casting competition.

1974 May 9th - Dr.Hay first mentioned.

1974 November 21st - Membership 500 & 70 on the waiting list.

1974 November 21st - Dr.Hay president.

1974 December 12th - Wrote to Fife Water Board complaining of River Earn abstraction.

1974 December 12th - Sports Council - Member on the council.

1975 June 12th - Joined Sports Council.1975 September 23rd - Insurance, 2 people power saw.

1975 November 20th  - loss of Kirkton of Mailer (R.Earn).

1975 November AGM.


During a recent search of the old PDAA minute books, I found this list of returns:- Makes interesting reading!


Beat  Salmon Grilse Sea Trout
Logierait 10 –114lbs 1 – 7lbs 14 – 19lbs
Rome Croy & Muirtons 180 – 1982 lbs 14 - 111lbs 100 - 125lbs
Grange    of Elcho 15 – 243 lbs 2 –15lbs 27 – 45lbs
Waukmill 118 – 1394 lbs 40 – 255 lbs 85 – 187 lbs
Tay Total 323 – 3733 lbs 57 – 388 lbs 226 – 378 lbs
River Earn 57 – 586 lbs 18 – 108lbs 221 – 328lbs


1975 December 16th - Logierait opposite bank leased.

1975 Dec 16th - River Earn Hilton permits and River Earn Oudenarde permits for sale.

1975 Dec 16th - Weston part of River Tay.

1975 Dec 16th - Upper Newtyle, 2 weeks in June (charge to members £1/rod/day !!).

1976 January 25th - Ways and means committee - 200 club -monthly prizes.)

1976 January 25th - Methven Loch.

1976 January 25th - Colin Laing late membership, refused membership.

1976 August 29th - Honorarium, Sec £120, Treasurer £100.

1976 August 29th - Rome Croy, Muirtons - half-day permits tried.

1977 November 22nd - PDAA resigns ACA over River Earn abstraction.

1978 March 30th - Loch Horn, insurance policy amended to include lochs, and watercraft exclusions.

1979 March 1st - Loch Horn, no one allowed both Saturday and Sunday.

1979 October 3rd - Auschaffenburg Trophy - junior members biggest fish, (PDAA gave German anglers fishing when visiting. Note Perth and Auschaffenburg are twinned towns.

1979 October 3rd - Complaints to PKC regards overgrown banks North Inch and Harbour.

1979 October 3rd - Loch Horn weeds - D.Band weighted ropes black polythene placed on bottom, would discourage growth.

1980 January 30th - Sketwan fishing on River Tay. (£500 for 4 rods).

1980 Jan 31st - Stormont Angling Club formation.

1980 Feb 2nd - Loch Horn bought a boat from Tayport.

1980 Aug 5th - Poaching at Loch Horn. Subcommittee formed to run LH.

1980 Dec 15th - Anglers forum formed, A.Oglesby, R.Rhiginni, T.Mackle & A.McWhinnie.

1980 Dec 15th - Loch Horn £35 per year, also R.Earn., Mr. Johnston - £400 (agreed).

1981 May 5th - Application to Gannochy Trust & Sports Council for grants, Gannochy NO.

1981 Sept 29th - PKC issue rule regards Town Water Moncrieffe Island floating line only.

1981 Sept 29th - Luncarty Pool for sale, £150,000, no action.

1981 Nov 10th - Loch Horn, provide safety life jacket, no action.

1981 Nov 10th - Apply for grant Tayside Field Sports Council for stocking L.Horn, to replace grill.

1981 Nov 10th - Sketawan lease not renewed.

1981 Nov 7th - Lower Scone Summer lease May 10th to July 10th - £1250. Freelands R.Earn - £50 per rod (10 rods).

1982 Nov 24th - K.Bell retires as Secretary offered life membership but declined.

1982  Mr.M.Smith, Dalguise lease 10 x permits £300.

1982 Jan 12th - Stormont AC, 6 x permits = £132. Craighall Castle lease, R.Ericht.

1982 Feb 1st - Membership 376. Advertising in magazine (income tax ??).

1982 July 9th - Membership 448. 3 x day permits Catholes £96. R.Earn improvement Association requests £0.20 per member, refused.

1982 August 10th - 5 x leases for Trout Protection Order signed:-

Mr.Smith, Luncarty; Mr.MacMillan, Balnadarroch; Mr.Dunnet Redgorton.

1982 Aug 10th - Loch Horn boat vandalised. Sub committee's to be formed for following:- Social, education, funds, new fishing.

1982 Nov 18th - Dissolution of Tayside Angling Association.

1982 Nov 18th - Rome Croy £ Muirtons - 3 permits each side.

1982 Nov 18th - Subs; Full £15 (joining fee £12)  OAP £3 (joining fee £12).

1983 2nd Jan – Freelands, R.Earn lease not given this year. Gannocht Trust – Upper Springlands.

1983 24th Nov  – Membership notice boards for PDAA put in tackle shops. Membership fees – Full £16, OAP - £4.

1984  Jan  - Social evening a successful, 100 members attended.

1984 Jan  – Sleepless Inch (10 permits secured.) Dunkeld House Hotel 6 rods right bank 1st June to Mid August £500.  Redgorton (Lower Beat), Summer lease £1000) offered £500.   Catholes/Burnmouth 6 permits.

1984 2nd Feb  – 330 Full members rejoined, 67 not rejoined.  Upper Redgorton, Mr,Frank Dunnet gave one donated evening rod . Local Federation of Angling Clubs, protection Order started.

1984 17th May  – Membership 469.      Value of Scottish fishing - £36 million.

1984 1st Nov  – Boat & trailer Loch Horn (insurance for the boat.) J.Hutcheson R.Earn angling Improvement Association.

1984 22nd Nov  – AGM – Returns Tay – Salmon 82, Grilse 33, Sea trout 75.  Returns Earn – salmon 12, grilse 6.

1984  3rd Dec  – Scotland for Fishing – PDAA advert.

 1984 24th Jan  – PDAA invited to bid £1000 for Kercock/Delvine to 13th July.

1985 2nd April  – Bank clearance Loch Horn around the outlet.

Notice boards Logierait.  Game Fair target golf. First heard of PDAA guest membership outside Perth area (members – 60).

1985 2nd April  – Upper Redgorton – includes from Ferry upstream to Luncarty Lade.

1985 27th June  – Dunkeld House Hotel sold to Rio Sakis.

1985 21st August  – D.Cathcart signs for Logierait.                 SALAR timeshare started.

1985 22nd Oct  – Association guest members – no vote – not allowed to attend AGM, unless by committee invitation. To alter rules and constitution must be submitted in writing to secretary 28 days prior to the meeting.

1985 28th Nov  – AGM – First report of membership falling (440).Catch Returns  - Tay - Salmon 85,(1026 lb) Grilse 26,(150 lb)  Sea trout 55 (116 lb), Earn Salmon -5 (55lb), Grilse 3 (18 lb), Sea trout 23 (40 lb).

1986 7th Jan  – Benchil spring lease 6 rods/day.                     M.Smith Dalguise.

Tay Protection Order Lower  Redgorton right bank   10 rods, Cargill to Catholes left bank  20 rods, Lower Kercock both banks  10 rods, Delvine both banks 10 rods, Delvine Trust Left 4 rods, Newtyle both banks 4 rods, Dalguise both banks  10 rods, Kinnaird both banks, Logierait left bank.

1986 16th Jan  – PDAA fell out with SALAR regards timeshare and summer permit Lower Redgorton (article by Mr.Coombs in T&S).

1986 8th May  = PKC considering extending the netting season.

Tay Protection Order granted 7th Oct 1986.

1986 23rd Oct  – Stormont permits reduced to 2 x Rome Croy, 2 x Muirtons,

 1986 19th Dec  – Loch Horn – Installation of the self-cleaning grill. Cond. Of lease. EEC legislation.

1987 28th Jan  –Safety Certificate by region.  P.D.Malloch’s purchased 2 x timeshare weeks Upper Scone (same weeks lost by PDAA).             Date stamp for Upper Redgorton Evening permit.

1987 19th May  – Protection Order – 20 Warden cards.

1987  28th Sept  – Loch Horn – Grid not required.

1987 20thOct  – Earn Improvement Association bought out the nets on River Earn.

1987 17th Nov  – Safety Certificate for dam.

1987  1st Dec  – Earn Improvement Ass. – PDAA give £250 per year. Buying fingerling trout from Pitlochry and Stanley AA.      R.Earn – rec’d  permits from Mr. Robertson (Oudernarde). PDAA not able to apply for grants as no permanent premises.    Right bank Logierait- Savills factor – PDAA took a lease £850.                     Tay Foundation requests £2000.

1988 23rd Feb  – Loch Horn – Tree felling to last 2 years

1988  6th Dec  – Ferryfield Fishing, r.Earn.  (No).

1989 7th March  – R.Earn selling permits.

1989 2nd Oct  – 10,000 fingerling trout purchased from Pitlochry AC.

1989 20th Dec  – Social evening a success.                 PDAA badge.        Rugby club for meeting.

1990 17th Jan  – Logierait, doubt of ownership of left bank below our water to the railway bridge – may be ‘common land’.

1990 21st March  – Protection Order – Req. notice boards.

Sporting Guns – Trophy – leaping trout.

1990 19th Aug – Loch Horn litter.

1990 24th Oct  – Logierait, boat not allowed.

1990 21st Nov  – Dr.Hay deceased.

1990 21st Nov  – AGM  catch returns – Salmon 116, Grilse 46, Sea Trout 46.

Hilton R.Earn  5. year lease.          SANA membership.

1991 23rd Jan  – New fishing -  R.Tay, Dercolich or Killiechassie

Dunburney  New England Loch

1991 27th Feb  – Killiechassie  -(killed off)., Balthayick loch – £2500 /year.  Membership 415,       R.Earn –opposite Drummond Fish Farm £1600, Linn Pool/Burnmouth, Balthayock (high PH), Nets to be off from Scone to Grange of Elcho, Kercock half-day permits tried,

1992 21st Oct  – Black Loch leased.

1992 25th Nov  – Members 470.

1993 17th Sept  -  Dalguise.     Members 403.

1993 10th March  – Kercock trout permits £200 per year.

1993 27th Sept  – President Dick Black died.                   Black Loch, end of season 31st October.    Income tax to collect tax on honoraria paid in past & current.             Lucky draw raffle held.

1993 23rd Nov  – AGM –

1994 6th Jan  – Craighall  15th Jan – 2nd July.

1994 17th Feb – Stobhall – 2 weeks…………….Membership down by 100.   Suggestion for some members to pay extra for better fishing.  River brown trout stocking – part of protection order.  Fishing boat insurance (loch).

1994 14th April  – Membership 400.         1000 brown trout stocked in various undisclosed locations of the River Tay.      Bridge of Earn Improvement Association – Jim Chambers resigned. D.Mitchell replaced him.   Redgorton lease 27th June for 7 weeks, the same price as 1993, also week commencing 4th July at £425, 4-rod week accepted, £10/day & £5/evening.

1994 5th September  – Complaint about a member for bait fishing at Loch Horn.

1994 24th Oct – the same member attended committee meeting, and said, ‘ Nothing in the membership book against bubble floats in Loch Horn’.  Member was suspended from PDAA.

1994 24th Oct  – Boat to be taken on Butterstone Loch.         Malloch’s to be ‘, one person – one permit & go back of the queue.        £50 donated to the Logierait Bridge Fund.

1994 7th November  –  A Trout taken at Upper Redgorton & entered for a trophy but told trout taken on a salmon ticket and as trout ticket leased out separately so not eligible.

1994 30th Nov  – Ian Mitchell thanked for weeks at Stobhall.                            TPO – no obligations to the TPO but were required to stock the stretches leased!  Ian Mitchell again offered – Stobhall, Burnmouth/Linn Pool and Cargill/Islamouth Jan-Feb.

1995 19th Jan  – Black Loch Pike fishing allowed, and a trophy for the best fish caught.

1995 6th April  – Misconduct – Saturday permits – 3 members were warned that taking Saturday permits when they could fish during the week was unsportsmanlike . The second complaint was that a person was submitted for membership who has proved not to live at the address shown on the application form. Members are given a formal warning, if this repeated, it would be dealt with according to the disciplinary rules, with dismissal from the Association.

1995 6th April  – Graham Nichols leaves to take up a new position. The Treasurer reported that we had 416 members but could use a few more, as we were approx. 40 down on last year. The President asked if the drop-out reason was known. The suggestion was made that a letter be sent to members who have not renewed asking them why.  Report that Stanley fishing could be available, to be monitored.  Suggestion that Logierait and R.Earn permits be used to sell guest permits.

 1995 6th April  – Misconduct/ Monopoloising Saturday permits. Several members (3) were challenged that they were monopolizing the Saturday permits when they could fish during the week. The members could not see where they were in the wrong! The 3 members were issued with a Formal Warning that fishing on a Saturday should not be taken if fishing on weekdays could be taken. Also, that introducing a member for application to PDAA with the wrong home address was against the rules, and not looked on favorably by the committee.

Letter of farewell from G.Nichols.

Suggestion that PDAA should join the Tourist Board in hope, of them selling permits. This idea was discarded.

Membership 416 but looking for more!

Logierait Bridge Company PDAA asked to attend AGM.

Suggestion that Stormont permits be split into half days.

Subcommittee raised to look into members taking Saturday permits.

Query about having PDAA guest permits, also Earn and Logierait permits could be pay-for-fish beats.

1995 11th May . – Logierait Bridge Company, made a start on resurfacing the bridge, they have applied for grants and were looking for finances.

Heritage permit?

Butterstone Loch.

Reported that a new 3 year lease had been signed with Kinnaird  TROUT  TLC.

Suggestion that more should be done to show new members where the access to the fishing beats were.

Butterstone Loch fishing dropped.

Members 442. Proposed rise in subscriptions to £47 per year.

Suggestion that some free advertising could be generated by writing up a fortnightly column for the P.A.

1995 1st November .

Kercock fishing permits reduced to 3 at a reduced cost. Offered permits at Dalguise by Finlayson Hughes, but committee considered that Dalguise not worth fishing at this time of the year.

“The committee that these funds  be used in part for possible fishing on the Ericht from mid April to July, and at least one offer for Heritage permits if they become available.

Major Jack Dickson dies.

Look at bank clearance at Logierait.

1995 20th November .

Suggestions to go after Craighall Fishings. (R.Ericht).

Guest permits at Logierait.

1996 23rd January New member walkabouts carried out with 15 members.

1996 26th September James Chambers offered life membership of PDAA.

1996 20th September . Pursuing Craighall fishings and Hermitage permits. Guests at Logierait £10.

1996 23rd October .  Honoraria - £50 increase for treasurer and secretary. Voted to renew Loch Horn boat, £400 added.

1996 21st November  Trout stocking on River Tay.

1997. 3rd Jan  Membership 276.

1997 12th Feb . Membership 327.  Tay Foundation Appeal, £250,000 was wanted! PDAA gifted £250.

1997 1st October  Membership 419 (46 guests). Arranged Social Event.

1997 26th Nov  AGM. Poor season reported, even with nets newly removed.

1998 7th JanMembership 186 (31 guests).

1998 17th AugustRequest for funds for Tay Liaison Committee, to finance report into the retention of Protection Order.   First mention of ”Limiting Rod Catches”, Tay Advisory Board. Callum Towns offered PDAA Burnmouth.

1998 23rd September  First mention of bait restrictions, ban on prawn/shrimps.

1999 23rd Nov  Kercock – 3 rods/day, £1960.  Sandy Penny, gillie,  Redgorton, 6 days/week, £10 per rod. Lottery fund changes, no money now available for single-use sports. David Brand offered life membership.

Analysis of permit usage – Kercock 34%, Upper Kercock – 18%, Summer permits Pitlochry/Benchill – 32%, Catholes/Luncarty – 8%, Loch Horn – 30%,   Scottish Gov threatened to revoke trout Protection Order.     New rule – members can phone in to book permits after 4.30  - 5.00 pm. Discounted rate fishing – Meiklour Hotel.                         Dunning Water R.Earn.    Logierait valuation.

2000 11th Nov  Social Event – Invite all TSF gillies, Bob Campell, D.Seaton, J.Graham, Dennis Buchan.  Loch Freuchie,   Lochans Estate  (3 mile walk!).  Membership  - 250/260.                                       Stenton Fishings.            Black Loch.  Haugh of Aberuthven Fishing (good fly water).                          Mike Smith offered Honorary Membership.   £250 donation to Almondbank Hatchery for kelt reconditioning station.

2000 2nd Feb Salmon fishing on R.Earn (Haugh of Aberuthven).      Amulree Fishings ?   21 Juniors at Sandyknowes fishing introduction, given free membership.  PDAA Guest members are allowed to become Full Members.

2000 5th Dec  Stobhall, one week free 29th Jan – 3rd Feb.   Cargill – 4 weeks (6 days/week) £380/week, 2 boatmen 3 days and 1 boatman 3 days.

2001 16th Jan  Life membership given to, K.Bell, G.Nichol, A.Fraser, J.Lipski.  Membership 222.

2001 13th Feb Junior Fly Fishing event at Sandyknowes Fishery.      Membership 290.                        Loch Horn, Forest Enterprise has requested an £800 contribution for maintenance.                   Access to Perth Town Water restricted due to Flood Defence works.

2001 3rd April  Foot & Mouth - Hilton Farm (R.Earn), were confirmed as open following consultation with the owners.    Black Loch ongoing difficulties with Mr. Firm (PDAA member), who resigned but later changed his mind, but PDAA committee would not change and Mr.Firm is no longer a member and is not welcome on any PDAA fishings.

2001  6 Nov First mention J.Apthorp time share Stanley, June/July – 13 fish caught.

2001 6th Nov Callum Towns offered same fishing at Cargill as last year Autumn fishing mixed – Lower river as bad as ever, possibly worse than last year! Logierait benefited from high levels and produced the best returns since the 70’s – 42 were caught!  Upper Redgorton also fished very well – 21 caught.

2002 8th Jan Confirmed - Tummel Fishing,     Week 11 at Cargill, the first week in April.

2002 19th Feb  Stenton offered one week.    Isla fishings 2 month period  -  April & May.    Membership 350.         Questionnaire for members/guest members.

2002 17th Oct   Burnmouth Fishings offered for sale to PDAA at £300,000 but PDAA not enough money to buy.   Kinkell Fishing.       Coupar Grange -   Mrs Scotland donated Junior Trophy fot the, ‘ Most Suitable Catch by a Junior Member’.

2002 3rd Dec   Black Loch – a chemical used for weed problem.    Members ‘no show’ discussed. Loch Horn – Pollution (contractor working on road.    Discussing if reporting seal, cormorant, predator damage.  River Earn Improvement Association wrote asking agreement to agree opening/closing dates of R.Earn be put back two weeks.

2003 7th Jan   2 extra rods on Coupar Grange.     Fishing on Kinkell, Catholes, Tummel.                     Trout fishing - Stare Dam and Loch Rohallion.      J.Kinniburgh donated £100.

2003 22nd Jan Rent of Delvine discussed, agreed to offer £3000.      Loch Horn pollution, lorry load of topsoil entered Loch Horn, Pegasus company driver admits liability.

2003 18th Feb   Delvine offer accepted. In addition, PDAA will pay £500, being half the TSDFB levy.

2003 6th May  Luncarty/Catholes – 2 rods to 26th July to operate as 4 half rods.  Lower Scone - Top of Craigs to Waulkmill Ferry.

2003 11th Sept Disciplinary complaint against a PDAA member for using an over-heavy fly line fishing in The Woody Hole, fishing a Stormont PDAA permit. Should have been using a Wet Cel 2 max in the flag conditions of the day. Member suspended from Stormont permits.

2003 30th Oct  Membership 383 down to 363.    Questionnaire results, subs should rise substantially, (£10), other group wants subs only raised very small.(£5) Fishing : Kinkell,  Cargill too expensive no.    Coupar Grange , reduce rods from 12 to 6, price up double!  Delvine, renew but watch costs!      Catholes reduce costs by taking an earlier week.

2004  7th Jan  PDAA joins Sports Council.      Stenton Fishing confirmed to 13th Feb.                                     PDAA nil returns no longer required.                       ‘No Shows’

2004 10th Feb  Agreed to offer Honorary membership to Mr.Clark & Ann Borland.   Stormont fishing agreed but not split days.     Loch Horn,3year lease.                                               Membership 335, concern at not attracting ‘locals’.

2004 15th June Investigate if possible to set up a link to Tourist Board web site, also Fish Salmon website.    A report suggests that Logierait Fishings, extend further downstream beyond the burn, than the burn, which is assumed to be the boundary. Insurance from Sports Council.                                    Members subs - £70 Seniors, £50 OAP.            Coupar Grange lease price doubled!