End of Salmon season on River Tay 2020.

RIVER TAY SALMON SEASON 2020 ENDS 15th October 2020

As the salmon fishing season, on the River Tay, comes to an end, it has turned out to be a far better season than the last few years. With the arrival of Corona Virus and the Scottish Government ‘s enforced lockdown, and the further travel restriction of the 5 mile limit, causing the cessation of PDAA fishing from 24th March to 3rd July, although some beats and other clubs did continue fishing through the 5 mile travel restrictions.

The salmon and grilse  run has continued for longer and better,  than the last few years, where in the last few years the arrival of any fresh fish stopped around the middle of August, whereas this year, although not so many fresh fish, there are at least some fish around most of the beats.

Obviously the PDAA catches are lower than previous years, but taking into consideration, the lost fishing due to Corona Virus, I am sure the catches would have superseded, the previous years, if the fishing season had been allowed to run normally.