NEW FOR 2023

Kinkell fishings offers excellent brown trout fishing over a two mile stretch of the River Earn.

For 2023, PDAA has negotiated permits for two rods every Saturday and Monday from the 1st May until 30th September. 

Permits are for members only and are free to members. 

For directions to Kinkell bridge and full beat information click on the button below

This fishing is for members only and bookings can be made using the link on the Members Area of the web site. 

Safety & General Advice

1. All trout anglers to report to the Ghillie at 9am before venturing onto the river. 

2. Permit must be shown, if required, to anyone authorised by the proprietors or to a bailiff of the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board

2. Permit holders re required to see that no damage is done to fences, crops, or plantations, or the lands adjacent to the river and that no fires are lit on said lands

3. Trout anglers must avoid salmon pools