River Tay Trout Beats

Beat information and booking
of River Tay trout beats is now all online.
To find the information go to the Fishing drop down menu on the PDAA website and select Trout Section. 
Under the Tay Protection Order you will see 5 Tay beats. Clicking on a beat takes you to that bear’s information page. 
The page has details of the beat and maps. The maps can be downloaded by clicking on the map and selecting download. 
If you want to book a place on the beat there is a link to an online booking system (SuperSaas). You will need to log in to this system. Members are able to book fishing free of charge. Non members must create an account by following the instructions and then buy credits to use the system. Cost is £6 for a day’s fishìng, with a sliding scale if more credits are bought.
Instructions on the booking site are clear.
For more info on our trout fishing please contact the Trout Secretary, Edward Steele – Wilson on mobile  07879 213462 or email wildtrout@uwclub.net