Virus relaxation attention 28/5/2020.

                                                                                                                                                                      I think at this time of lockdown relaxation, that some instructions are given to PDAA members. I realise, that the Scottish Government, has notified, that phase one of the relaxation, will take place on Thursday 28th May 2020, and fishing allowed, since being locked down since 24th March 2020, due to the Corona virus pandemic. The statement that fishing can begin again, on 28th May 2020, is not an absolute surety, and should be treated warily, until more clarity is forthcoming, from both the Scottish Government  and various representative bodies. The devil, as all else, is in the detail, where the Scottish Government has stipulated that fishing should be within 5 miles of your home, and travel should be, by walking or bike, this would rule out most PDAA members.  Therfore, the letter of the law, would be different for everyone, depending where you live. At present, PDAA have received advice from  Fisheries Management Scotland, via the Tay Liason Committee, and also local MSP Jamie Greene, who has his ear close to the Scottish Parliament. Both these, have indicated to PDAA, that there will be a further clarification, before, or on, the 28th May 2020, before fishing can start. It is doubtful if anglers will be able to obtain permits, to fish the beats. I think we will hear more of this closer to the opening date, as it will not be a dead cert, that all beats will open, or may not wish anglers to fish. So I would urge all PDAA members to check your tackle, but be aware, that fishing may not actually start until Phase 3, due to the travelling restrictions being kept in place by the Scottish Government.

Brgds Ted