White Loch & Fingask Loch

PDAA has an arrangement with Blairgowrie, Rattray & District Angling Association to fish for rainbow, blue and brown trout in White Loch and Fingask Loch near Blairgowrie. Fingask Loch contains rainbows, blues and natural browns. White Loch contains natural and stocked brown trout.


15 Mar-6 Oct: PDAA members can book available boats on either loch. Boats on White Loch take up to two anglers, those on Fingask up to three. A wheelchair-accessible boat is available on Fingask.

Permits: To check availability and to book a boat, please email enquiries@brdaa.co.uk (Subject: Trout lochs) or call the Ghillie of the day on 07485445762.

Anglers are required to book a minimum of 1 day in advance and can phone between 9AM & 6PM.

PDAA no longer subsidises fishing on the BRDAA lochs, but PDAAA members may book places on boats at £20 per adult, and £9 per junior (eg £60 for three adult members, £29 for one adult and one junior); up to two non-PDAA guests can be included at £20 each.

Proof of PDAA membership (valid PDAA Membership card) is required at point of payment, which takes place with the loch manager on the day of fishing.

Safety & General Advice

Please also refer to the BRDAA notice board at Fingask Loch.

  • 1. Membership number must be recorded when taking a boat. Only full members are permitted to book boats for visitors to the lochs and are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. 
  • 2. Anglers fishing on their own may be asked to share their boat, if required, to accommodate other anglers. 
  • 3. No boats are re-bookable by a member on the same day for either loch. Anglers are not permitted to fish on Fingask then White Loch (or vice versa) on the same day to limit the risk of spreading the freshwater louse (Argulus).
  • 4. Anglers are requested to dip their nets etc. in the disinfectant provided at the Fingask Loch boathouse, when required. 
  • 5. A maximum of two persons per boat on Whiteloch and three per boat on Fingask Loch are permitted to fish. 
  • 6. Anglers and persons under 16 years of age must wear a suitable lifejacket in the boats. (Arrange with ghillie) 
  • 7. The first five takeable fish caught from Fingask must be killed. On Whiteloch, only the first three fish caught can be killed with a further two being caught and released. The angler must then cease fishing. Anglers cannot fish on behalf of other anglers. 
  • 8. Deliberate trolling from the boats is prohibited. 


Both lochs are reached via a private access road from Whiteloch Avenue (turn right at the end of the houses), off the A93 just south of Blairgowrie.